The GRAS Project

The development of GRAS is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture through the Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) within the project “Development of the GRAS prototype to support an environmentally friendly use of resources for a sustainable bioeconomy”.

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Support a sustainable bioeconomy

The objective of the project is the development of the GRAS prototype to support the environmentally sound use of resources for a sustainable bioeconomy. The prototype is intended to assist in the establishment and monitoring of sustainable and deforestation-free supply chains. Changes in land use are to be documented by the analysis of high-resolution remote sensing data and data from the latest generation of satellites.

New technologies and procedures are developed and tested to arrive at the most accurate statements possible even in difficult situations (e.g., small-scale plots) and in new applications (e.g., forestry, fire alerts). Small farmers are to be integrated as part of a so-called Landscape Approach.

Traceable and transparent supply chains

Ecological and social sustainability aspects should be comprehensively presented and combined in risk factors. The project is to be carried out over a period of three years with partners from Europe as well as from North and South America. Regionally, the prototype will cover important biomass-producing regions of the world: EU, USA, Canada, Central and South America (selected countries) and Southeast Asia. Other regions should be involved opportunistically.

Stakeholder Integration

Stakeholders are to be integrated into the development work over the entire project period. For this purpose, workshops and information events will be held. Bioeconomic needs should be derived from the stakeholder dialogue and be an essential basis for project developments. Another basis is an up-to-date assessment of new technologies and their possible uses in the project.