EUDRx Launch Webinar: Presentation & Resources

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Download the presentation here: Click here

Thank you to everyone who participated in our EUDRx launch webinar! We were thrilled to welcome participants from 30 countries, demonstrating significant interest in how EUDRx and EUDR Coffee Check can simplify your compliance processes and assist in navigating the complexities of EUDR.

Key points discussed during the webinar:

  • Detailed summary of EUDR Requirements and due diligence process
  • Live demo of the EUDRx/EUDR coffee check to assist your unique compliance needs and objectives
  • Key features and capabilities of EUDRx/EUDR Coffee Check
  • Additional services offered by GRAS to allow for seamless EUDR compliance

Should you have any unresolved queries or need additional information of the EUDRx platform, please feel free to reach out to us at