GRAS partners with Expocafé’s sustainability initiative “Water Resource Management – The Blue Coffee Bean (WRM)”

Expocafé is a Colombian exporter of coffee-growing cooperatives with a strong commitment to provide quality coffee, traceability, and sustainability compliance aligned to EUDR regulations. Expocafé has launched a sustainability initiative “Water Resource Management (WRM) – The Blue Coffee Bean” that aims to work with coffee farmers’ communities in the adoption and habits that lead to reduced and adequate water use in coffee production and daily activities. WRM includes training on key aspects of community, business, and coffee, and supports coffee production practices that impact crop productivity, which is directly related to farmers’ income. Coffees labeled with the WRM – The Blue Coffee Bean logo are guaranteed to have been produced following responsible water management methods, sustainability compliance, and free deforestation since 2021.

WRM prioritize the empowerment of the most vulnerable coffee growers, granting them the visibility essential for sustainable development. Expocafé believes that focusing on water conservation can improve human well-being, building on the vision of Amartya Sen, to create shared value with our partners and the development of triple-impact projects in terms of sustainability and long-term relationships.

As part of the partnership, GRAS is supporting the project by applying its expertise in remote sensing, GIS and due diligence. GRAS is carrying out a deforestation-free analysis and risk assessment, as defined by the EU Regulation on deforestation free products (EUDR), for Expocafé’s 8,000 farmers.

At GRAS, we are dedicated to assisting companies in adhering to EUDR regulations. Through a comprehensive process that includes analytics, monitoring, and documentation, we help identify and address deforestation risks, making the compliance journey seamless and efficient.

We are very proud to work with Expocafé and to be part of the initiative and, above all, to use our expertise to make the world a little more sustainable. We are looking forward to the long-term cooperation and the development of the initiative.