EUDR Compliance with EUDRx

  • An interactive platform that navigates you to EUDR due diligence requirements 
  • Utilizes the latest satellite technology and machine learning methods to deliver efficient and fast results
  • In collaboration with the German Coffee Association and its members, GRAS has developed a platform tailored to specific coffee consignments
  • GRAS supports you in the due dilligence process for the EUDR

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A platform to ensure a seamless due diligence process

EUDRx is a consignment-specific analysis and documentation platform that supports businesses in complying with the EU Regulation on deforestation-free products (EUDR). The platform is specifically designed for operators and traders who are importing, exporting, or trading EUDR-relevant commodities such as coffee, cocoa, soy, rubber, palm oil, beef, and wood and their derivates to the European Union.

In collaboration with the German Coffee Association and its members, GRAS has developed a platform tailored to specific coffee consignments. The platform systematically guides you through the EUDR requirements to ensure a smooth and streamlined process.

Key Features of EUDRx

With more than 10 years of extensive experience and science-based approaches in the latest remote sensing technologies and social and environmental risk databases, GRAS supports you in the due diligence process for the EUDR.

Frequently asked questions

What is the EUDR?

The recently introduced European Regulation (EU) 2023/1115 on Deforestation-Free Products (EUDR) is promoting the reduction of the EU’s impact on global deforestation as well as forest degradation, with the aim of bringing down greenhouse gas emissions and biodiversity loss.

Who is obliged to comply with the regulation?

The regulation applies to operators and traders who import, export or trade EUDR-relevant commodities and their derivatives within the EU. All participants and traders within the EU value chain are responsible for compliance with the EUDR. Specific provisions have been outlined for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Which commodities are covered by the EUDR?

The Regulation (EU) 2023/1115 on deforestation-free products requires to conduct a profound due diligence exercise for commodities like cocoa, coffee, palm oil, soy, cattle, rubber and wood as well as their derivates imported, exported or traded within the EU

When does the regulation come into force?

The regulation came into force on 29 June, 2023 and its full implementation will commence on December 30, 2024. For micro and small enterprises, the application starts on 30 June, 2025.

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