Sustainability information provided at a glance

The GRAS Tool provides relevant sustainability information at one glance and allows the user to conduct transparent and comparable sustainability analyses for their own defined area of interest. Registered users have access to the full range of functionalities within the GRAS Tool – free of charge!

Access the GRAS Tool

Explore the full range of functionalities of the free GRAS tool as a registered user and evaluate the sustainability of your own area of interest!


About the GRAS Tool

Whether information about biodiversity, carbon stock, land use change or social issues is needed, the desired information is given under each respective menu. By ticking on different layers, affected areas get visible in the maps. Information buttons provide the user with additional information about the data source, numerical values and further detailed information. GRAS is the one-stop-shop solution that contains the most relevant datasets for sustainability risk assessments.


HIgh Biodiversity


Carbon Stock


Land Use Change


Social Issues


What is waiting for you inside the GRAS Tool

Beside the comprehensive visualization of latest relevant datasets, the GRAS Tool provides a wide range of excellent functionalities to assess and monitor your own area of interest. Based on the four main pillars of sustainability, biodiversity, land use change, carbon stock and social indices, you can calculate a GRAS Risk Index and compare the sustainability risk for multiple regions of interest. Upload the outlines of specific production areas and find out, which criteria are crucial in this specific case. Monitor fires in the surrounding of the same area and be informed by GRAS within 24 hours in case a major fire occures. Don’t wait to explore the GRAS Tool!


Visualize A wide Range of Datasets

View and check sustainability information such as numerous national datasets on protected areas, intact forest landscapes and Ramsar sites. Potential land use change heat maps allow the identification of high-risk areas and indicate which regions are highly affected by unsustainable forest clearings. Datasets on carbon stock, information on indigenous areas, social indices and forest fires complete the comprehensive understanding of the sustainability situation of the intended region.


Sourcing Area based analysis

Create your own analysis case for your area of interest, evaluate all relevant sustainability requirements and calculate the GRAS Risk Index. For your own analysis, the GRAS tool automatically creates a comprehensive report compiling the analysis results for your individual area. Reports can be used for internal supplier management or communication with customers and partners.


Explore the land cover history

GRAS processed the EVI time series for any point within your area of interest, which allows you to interpret the land cover history and identify the exact time and type of potential land use change activities. The EVI time series is completely covered within the tool and ranges back to the year 2000 until today.


Daily fire alert

Set up your individual fire alerts for your areas of interest. In case a fire is detected wihtin the area, you will receive an alert via e-mail within the next 24 hours. View, edit and manage your fire alerts within the tool as a registered user. View also all fires registered by the FIRMS of NASA for all time periods between the year 2000 and today within the GRAS tool.

Using the GRAS tool

To start working with the GRAS tool select a region from the map. Browse the different layers on the left hand side and toggle their visibility. By logging into your GRAS account you can open individual cases from the right-side menu. Analyze an area of interest, customizable with an uploaded shape file. Place markers to receive EVI time series and a close look at vegetation changes. The GRAS tool will compile a report from the sustainability information and calculate the GRAS Index for your case.

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