GRAS Portfolio for Sustainable Supply Chains

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  • Communicate the effectiveness of your sustainability strategy
  • Optimize your work flow and improve your supplier management
  • Boost your effectiveness with a reliable and efficient risk management
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Implementation of Zero-Deforestation Commitments

  • Implement and prove your sustainability commitments
  • Benefit from reliable and cost-efficient risk management
  • Choose your individual assessment criteria and reporting format

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Supply Base Mapping & Monitoring

  • Map, analyze and rank your supply base according to your risk criteria
  • Find risk hot-spots in your supply base and effectively focus improvement measures
  • Conduct transparent and trustworthy monitoring over time

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Sustainability and Impact Reporting

  • Analyze the compliance of your sustainability criteria within your supply base
  • Evaluate and map the improvements within the supply base over time and avoid high-risk areas well in advance
  • Profit from customer-friendly communication tools

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Support of Investment Decisions

  • Verify the compliance of current and potential investments according to your sustainability criteria
  • Avoid high-risk investments and prevent a loss of credibility well in advance
  • Manage, evaluate and monitor your projects and contractors

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Certification Support

  • Analyze certification criteria such as biodiversity, land use change, and social aspects
  • Benefit from thorough pre-audit assessments for more targeted audits
  • Save time and money by identifying high-risk suppliers well in advance, focus improvement measures or exclude them from the certification process

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Land Use Management

  • Plan, implement and monitor your biodiversity strategies
  • Make land use management easier and more effective
  • Monitor strictly protected and high biodiversity landscapes even in remote areas

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Smallholder Monitoring

  • Secure integration of smallholders into sustainable supply chains
  • Data management of smallholders and traceability of products in an interactive tool
  • App-based mapping of smallholder fields

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Company Dashboard

  • Manage your relevant supply base data in an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Assess the sustainability risk of all your suppliers in a continuous and efficient process
  • Profit from effective and interactive external communication options

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Gras Tool



GRAS as a one-stop-shop solution

GRAS is a one-stop-shop and enables you to implement and verify zero-deforestation within the supply chain, monitor the supply base and communicate results to partners and customers.









GRAS offers individual solutions according to your needs

GRAS approaches are flexible and can be applied to your individual strategy or research question by adapting the scope of the assessment area, sustainability criteria and deliverables:


Step 1: Define the area

  • Administrative areas
  • Sourcing areas with a defined radius
  • Specific production areas on field or plantation level

Step 2: Select criteria

  • Biodiversity
  • Carbon stock
  • Land use change
  • Social indices
  • Individual criteria

Step 3: Choose deliverables

  • Detailed farm/plantation reports
  • Summary report
  • Company dashboard
  • Visualization tool
  • Database

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