Company Dashboard

Based on the GRAS interface, we develop customized dashboards so you can manage your suppliers and check them against your individual sustainability criteria.

  • You have a large and steadily growing supply base?
  • You want to continuously monitor current and potential fields and plantations in an easy-to-use tool?
  • You need to verify your sustainability commitments?

Customized for your specific needs

Do you want to manage your suppliers and check them against your sustainability criteria? GRAS can add the information from your supply base and connect it to sustainability information.

Use the comprehensive dashboard for internal management and monitoring as well as for public communication.

The benefits of a GRAS dashboard are to map the components of the product supply chain and connect to possible sourcing areas. GRAS supports sustainability assessments of those areas in terms of identification of harvesting events (1), quantity of harvest (to be added) (2), biodiversity (3), carbon stock (4) and social indices (5).

Furthermore, it is possible to integrate additional information such as GHG emissions in the supply chain for e.g. transportation or procession. But the user also has the option to individually add any kind of relevant information and display the results in specific reports.

As a special service, GRAS develops an easy-to-use GHG calculator. This tool allows the efficient calculation of land-related GHG emissions, automatically taking into account the site-specific values for climate, soil type and land use change for the production area and adds specific values for management systems and crop types through convenient selection menus.

GRAS handles all company-relevant information with highest confidentiality and under latest security standard.


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