Land Use Management

GRAS continuously develops and improves algorithms to produce land use and land use changes maps from recent and historic satellite imagery.

  • You need to identify land use and land use changes?
  • You want to monitor the land use on your fields and plantations over time?
  • You want to verify your sustainability commitments?

Latest remote sensing technology enables recent and historic land use and land use change maps

GRAS produces land use and land use change maps from recent and historic satellite imagery, including grassland maps and carbon stock evaluations that enables you to base your planning decisions on latest data and to monitor the progress and impact of your strategies and plans. GRAS also supports the monitoring of protected areas. Especially the marginal areas of protected areas are subject to illegal logging or other severe violations. With GRAS, you can identify illegal activities also in remote areas with difficult access. Our approaches focus on the use of open-source technology, keeping the costs low and the analyses objective.



Mapping of Protected Areas


Mapping of Land Cover


Mapping of Land Use Change

Integrate the GRAS services into your work flows

GRAS can deliver analysis results as individual farm or summary reports, databases, an easy-to-use visualization tool or as an advanced GRAS company dashboard. The GRAS company dashboard is an innovative solution that combines the visualization tool with a strong database, to provide a solid solution for both internal management and external communication. Choose the solution that fits best to your work flows.






Visualization Tool


Company Dashboard

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