Supply Base Mapping & Monitoring

More and more customers demand sustainable and deforestation-free products. To analyze your own supply base in an efficient and cost-effective way, GRAS is the ideal solution.

  • You have a large number of suppliers?
  • The outlines of the supplying farms or plantations are or should remain unknown?
  • You would like to get certified in a time- and cost-efficient process?

Monitor your supply base and avoid risk hot spots well in advance

GRAS offers a time- and cost-efficient multi-step approach to map, analyse and monitor large supply bases. Depending on the availability of information about supplying farmers, GRAS provides the best fitting solution. If specific production areas of farmers are not fully known, GRAS can conduct an efficient hot spot analysis of the production area, based of the most relevant topics of sustainability, such as deforestation, carbon stock, biodiversity and social aspects. The analysed regions can be ranked according to the sustainability risk and further detailed analyses can be focussed on high-risk areas. Here, specific field outlines can be collected and analysed in detail, using satellite imagery and EVI time series.


Step 1

Analysing the sourcing areas based on a defined sourcing radius


Step 2

Ranking the sourcing areas according to their sustainability risk


Step 3

Analysing the high-risk sourcing areas on field or plantation level

Integrate the GRAS solutions into your work flows

GRAS can deliver the analysis results as individual farm or summary reports, databases, an easy-to-use visualization tool or as an advanced company dashboard, best fitting to your internal work flows. Additionally to the internal risk management, the GRAS company dashboard is the ideal solution to communicate the compliance of the supply base and improvement measures to the public to support the credibility of your brands.






Visualization Tool


Company Dashboard

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