Support of Investment Decisions

GRAS gives you the possibility to analyze potential investments according to your own sustainability criteria.

  • You would like to check potential investment opportunities against relevant sustainability criteria?
  • You want to avoid high-risk investments and prevent reputational damages?
  • You need to manage and monitor your projects and contractors?

Identify risks for your sustainability commitments for new investments

GRAS has developed a highly efficient solution to identify sustainability risks in land parcels that are object to investment decisions or expansions. To support the decision process, GRAS can conduct a cost- and time-efficient semi-automated analysis against predefined criteria, such as the protection of forests and high-biodiverse landscapes. A ranking according to the risk level of each parcel is then conducted to identify high- and low-risk areas. Those land parcels that show a low risk of non-compliance can be directly taken into the final selection. For other fields, a detailed analysis based on high-resolution satellite images, EVI time series and additional datasets can be conducted to verify the compliance or to exclude the particular land parcel from the final investment selection.


Step 1

Cost- and time-efficient semi-automated sustainability reporting per land parcel


Step 2

Ranking of all land parcels allows direct investment decision for low-risk areas


Step 3

Detailed analysis for high-risk farms and exclusion of non-compliant land parcels

Provide profound and secure documentation for your investment decisions to partners and customers

GRAS can deliver the analysis results as individual farm or summary reports, produced in an semi-automated way that saves time and money. Additionally, the innovative GRAS dashboard is the perfect solution to manage and monitor potential investments and to communicate the results to partners and clients.






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