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GRAS Portfolio for Sustainable Supply Chains

GRAS is an innovative and powerful web platform that offers information about ecological and social sustainability. GRAS facilitates the implementation of deforestation free supply chains by delivering geospatial data about biodiversity (e.g. protected areas, level of protection), carbon stock, land use changes as well as social indices. The history of agricultural production areas can be analyzed, identifying precisely the point in time of any land use change (e.g. conversion of forests or grassland into agricultural cropland) after 2000. This is done based on processed satellite images. Heat maps are displayed showing the extent of deforestation on a regional base. Several social indices are provided on national level (e.g. slavery, global hunger, world governance index). In addition, areas in which indigenous people are living are shown. 

GRAS can be used as stand alone tool or in combination with certification schemes like RSPO and ISCC. It is a perfect tool to support companies in identifying risks and hot spots and in verifying their supply chains as deforestation free.

GRAS offers comprehensive services for:

  • Companies sourcing agricultural commodities with an interest in sustainability
  • Companies, which have made sustainability commitments (e.g. deforestation free supply chains) and want to monitor commitments and results
  • Sustainability and sourcing units assessing regions and managing supply chains
  • Companies communicating evidence about achievements to stakeholders
  • Sustainability certification schemes
  • Certification bodies and auditors
  • Authorities and regulators
  • NGOs, media and society.


For these user groups, GRAS offers a broad range of services to support decision making. The services include geo-referenced sustainability information regarding:

  • land use change, deforestation and afforestation (2000 - today) for specific land spots and entire sourcing regions
  • Protected and biodiverse areas
  • High carbon stock areas, peatlands and GHG emissions of agricultural crops in certain regions
  • Important social Indices. 


Based on the information provided, a reliable risk assessment of a specific production site or region is conducted, based on a "pixel by pixel" approach. 

At the time being, GRAS offers services for Malaysia, Indonesia, EU-28, Canada, USA, Brazil and Argentina. Further regions will be added continuously. On specific request, analysis can be conducted also for countries currently not covered.

GRAS provides information about protected and biodiverse areas, high carbon stock areas, peatlands, GHG emissions and important social indices free of charge. 

Sustainability Assessment Reports and Customized Sustainability Solutions are not free of charge. 

Analysis can be performed based on:

  • Specific geo-referenced polygons (e.g. KML, .shp), which the user should provide
  • Specific areas, for which the user will declare coordinates of the center and radius