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Hans Carl von Carlowitz (1645-1714), the "inventor" of sustainability. Hans Carl von Carlowitz was the first one to clearly formulate the concept of sustainability in forestry:

 “Wird derhalben die größte Kunst/Wissenschaft/Fleiß und Einrichtung hiesiger Lande darinnen beruhen / wie eine sothane Conservation und Anbau des Holtzes anzustellen / daß es eine continuierliche beständige und nachhaltende Nutzung gebe / weiln es eine unentberliche Sache ist / ohne welche das Land in seinem Esse nicht bleiben mag.“

Loosely translated: "Therefore, it will take highest efforts in this country / to establish such conservation and cultivation of wood / that it becomes a continuous and sustainable usage / because it is essential / that without it the country will not remain in its being."

Derived from the Latin sustinere (tenere, to hold; sub, up). Sustain can mean “maintain", "support", or "endure”.

A one stop solution for reliable and relevant sustainability knowledge

GRAS is the first innovative, transparent, up to date and easy to use service that evaluates sustainability data and provides it in a straight and easy-forward style in dynamic maps. The following pages will give you a comprehensive overview about sustainability aspects of biodiversity, carbon stock, land use change and social indices. Under methodology, a detailed documentation of used and processed data is given.

GRAS focuses on sustainable activities that are relevant for the production of agricultural or forestry products. By doing so, GRAS set up four main categories that deal with different sustainability topics especially with regard to social and ecological impact and merges these data under the GRAS platform:

GRAS was formed in a dynamic development process with numerous professional partners. However, in order to establish GRAS as a powerful tool that covers all aspects of sustainability further continuous improvement and part-taking of any stakeholders in this process is needed and very welcome. An easy-to-use and at the same time comprehensive and complete knowledge transfer for beginners and professionals can be only successful with the background of individual experts "at the grass-roots level".
Feel free to explore the GRAS approach of dealing with an overall sustainability concept. Our goal is to provide our service globally. By now, you may observe the countries covered in the Countries overview. We appreciate your feedback very much.