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GRAS - Global Risk Assessment Services

GRAS provides reliable information on ecological and social risks related to biomass of agricultural or forestry origin. Our analyses are based on sustainability criteria set up by the European Commission in the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) and sustainability requirements of individual companies and associations in the food, feed and chemical sector.

  • Successful implementation and monitoring of sustainability and zero-deforestation commitments
  • Cost-efficient sustainability assessments
  • Support of certification processes
  • Efficient supplier management
  • Regular sustainability reporting
  • Customized solutions for your specific needs
  • All services and analyses based on latest remote sensing technology
  • Independent and objective analysis


GRAS sustainability risk assessments support the individual needs of different user groups:

Farmers & Investors

  • Prepare for certification audits and analyze specific areas
  • Avoid high risk investments and prevent loss of credibility

Traders & Retailers

  • Implement and verify your zero-deforestation commitments
  • Time and cost-efficient sustainability risk assessments along your supply chain

Sustainability Auditors

  • Prepare for certification audits
  • Analyse certification criteria such as violations against protected areas and land use change

Governments & NGOs

  • Plan, implement and monitor biodiversity strategies
  • Make land use management easier and more effective


GRAS facilitates the implementation of deforestation-free supply chains by delivering and processing geospatial data about land use changes, biodiversity, carbon stock, and social indices. Further, the results of GRAS analyses can be used to support investment decisions and certification processes, e.g. of schemes like RSPO and ISCC. Through its integrated sustainability risk assessment, GRAS actively supports the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.


GRAS provides a wide range of services for free in the innovative and easy-to-use GRAS Tool. Further, we support individually customized solution on demand, serving the needs of our customers:


  • Sustainability risk at a glance
  • Autonomous sustainability analysis for your area of interest
  • User-friendly
  • Transparent
  • Up to date
  • All services available for 40 countries
  • Free access to all functionalities

Customized Solutions

  • Individually tailored risk assessments
  • For sourcing regions or individual farms
  • Risk assessment based on individual sustainability requirements
  • Cost-efficient and reliable combination of semi-automated and visual analysis
  • Latest remote sensing technology
  • Personal support and certification advice


GRAS is being developed in a process with contributions from several stakeholders, including research institutes, governmental organizations, NGOs, commercial companies, technology and software providers. The development of GRAS is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture through its central coordinating agency in the area of renewable resources FNR.

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