FARAMO (Farmer Risk Assessment and Monitoring) supports the integration of independent smallholders and farmers into sustainable supply chains.

  • How can Smallholders become part of a sustainable and certified supply chain?

  • How can Smallholders be mapped and monitored?

  • How can smallholders be managed and traced back to field level?

We combined our years of experience with our unique expertise and cutting-edge technologies to develop a one-stop shop for all your sustainability and traceability needs.


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Why the FARAMO system?

Do you want to manage your suppliers and check them against your sustainability criteria? GRAS can add the information from your supply base and connect it to sustainability information.

  • Use the comprehensive dashboard for internal management and monitoring as well as for public communication.
  • Map the components of the product supply chain and connect to possible sourcing areas.
  • Automatically assess your areas for sustainability criteria and environmental risks such as biodiversity, carbon stock and social indices.
  • Extend your system with add-ons such as GHG emissions in the supply chain for instance transportation or procession.
  • All company-relevant information is handled with highest confidentiality and under latest security standard.


Customizable solutions for you specific needs



Including smallholders into sustainable supply chains provides an opportunity to reduce poverty, ensure stable living standards, and increase yields. Furthermore, investments in family-run agriculture have the potential to reduce the pressure on natural resources and deforestation. However, the integration of smallholders into sustainable supply chains is difficult due to the complexity of supply chains and limited information. The location of smallholders is often unknown, and traceability is a big challenge for downstream supply chain actors. GRAS developed a comprehensive Data Management System with innovative and user-friendly tools for smallholders, which facilitate data collection, mapping, tracking and monitoring of smallholders and enable to trace back raw material to smallholder field level.

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Everything you need under one roof

GRAS provides solutions for groups of Independent Smallholders as well as prospective Recipients along the supply chain. We offer mobile apps for smart devices, secure databases for your data, customizable dashboards to manage your content, integrated sustainability assessment for certification and supply chain needs.

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Everything you need under one roof

Mapping App

Identification of smallholder fields is required by many stakeholders and brings manifold benefits such as calculations of area size, risk assessment, yield estimation, precise location, GHG calculation and monitoring. However, especially for smallholders, mapping is often complex, expensive and time-consuming. GRAS offers easy to use tools in order to collect accurate (geo)data without technical knowledge in a straightforward way.

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With GRAS Mapping App, the polygons of each smallholder are captured directly onsite without any required experience in geodata processing and programming with the aid of a user-friendly mobile app on a smart device, even when offline. Collected field outlines and other additional data are uploaded to a secure database and are automatically checked against deforestation and protected areas. With the Mapping App, GRAS supports efficient and credible smallholder certification processes by enabling the efficient management, analysis, and visualization of smallholder data.

FARAMO IMS (Internal Management System)

GRAS offers management of collected and stored data from the database in a user-friendly, secure and sleek design via Faramo IMS.

GRAS developed customised dashboards so you can manage your suppliers and check them against your individual sustainability criteria.

  • You have a large and steadily growing supply base?
  • You want to continuously monitor current and potential fields and plantations in an easy-to-use tool?
  • You need to verify your sustainability commitments?
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Faramo IMS enables constant monitoring, effective visualization, analysis and management of smallholder data., and much more. For instance, you can monitor individual smallholder yields over time, check the collected field outlines against environmental risks or identify potential areas for improvement measures.

FARAMO ISA (Integrated Sustainability Assessment)

GRAS integrated state-of-the-art methodologies to automatically and continuously assess the smallholder fields in its database against environmental risks. All smallholder fields in the system are checked against overlap with protected areas, deforestation, peatlands, fire and other relevant criteria.

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Tracking App

To tackle the challenge of smallholder traceability, GRAS developed the Tracking App. Data on single deliveries (e.g. fresh fruit bunches) are collected through the Tracking App, verified by all stakeholders and stored in a secure database. This way, each delivery can be traced back to the respective smallholder field.


All collected data can be accessed in our user-friendly data management dashboard to monitor individual smallholder yields over time and identify potential areas for improvement measures or detect fraud.

GRAS supports fully traceable supply chains through the Tracking App by tracing produce from fields to final destination and vice versa, via tracing each batch with QR codes and tracking collectors, quantities and collecting points.

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