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Explore all the features of the new GRAS Tool+, so you can better evaluate the sustainability risks for your area of interest!

GRAS Tool+

What is new in the GRAS Tool+?

The GRAS Tool+ provides relevant sustainability information at one glance and shines in a new light with a wide range of advanced features and an enhanced user experience!

The four pillars – Biodiversity, Land Use Change, Carbon Stock and Social Indices – are the foundation of the GRAS Tool+ which are considered the focus topics of sustainability. Additionally, users can now benefit from updated datasets for 70 countries, multi-language support, a redesigned interface as well as new layers (e.g. on Food Security and Global Fire Alerts), to meet the demands of our customers. The GRAS Tool+ supports companies in complying with new standards, certification systems and upcoming regulations. The new tool is specifically designed to analyze deforestation and assist companies to take the first steps towards complying with the EU’s non-deforestation regulation (EUDR).

Key Features of GRAS Tool+

Key Features of GRAS Tool+ 

Experience unparalleled clarity and insights through our mapping and reporting functionalities, tailored to meet both high-level and granular analysis needs.

  • Distance Measurements: Precise distance and area measurements through drawing capabilities on the map
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Access to both high-level overviews and detailed analyses
  • Additional Purchase Features: Options to buy in-depth reports, limited-access trials, and various bulk purchase plans

Upload the outlines of specific production areas to get a tailored analysis. The tool identifies the criteria crucial for sustainability in your particular case, helping you make informed decisions. 

  • Tailored Analysis: The tool identifies key sustainability criteria based on your specific production areas
  • User Uploads: Capability to upload outlines and add detailed comments for more personalized assessments
  • Case Manager: Enhanced administrative functions for better management of your assessments

Calculate and compare the sustainability risks of multiple regions using our GRAS Risk Index. Make data-driven decisions for better resource management and sustainable practices.

  • Multi-Region Comparison: Evaluate sustainability risks across various geographic locations
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Utilize data for resource management and sustainable practices
  • Dataset Updates: Regular updates with new countries added for more comprehensive coverage and latest data on sustainability criteria

The GRAS Tool+ integrates three vital food security indices: the Global Hunger Index (GHI), The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, and FEWS NET Food security classification data, offering a comprehensive view of worldwide hunger and nutritional status.

  • GHI Integration: Comprehensive Global Hunger Index (GHI) integration
  • Nutritional Data: Detailed data on food security and nutrition
  • Severity Classifications: Acute Food Insecurity severity classifications

Stay ahead of potential disasters with our real-time fire monitoring feature. Receive immediate alerts within 24 hours in case a major fire occurs in your monitored areas, allowing for quick and effective responses. 

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Keep tabs on fire activities in your areas of interest in real-time
  • 24-Hour Alerts: Receive immediate notifications within 24 hours of a major fire occurrence
  • Quick Response: Enables immediate action to mitigate potential damage

Detailed overview of the enhanced features

Discover how the GRAS Tool+ improves upon the original GRAS Tool platform to allow for more efficient operations to meet your needs.

Using the GRAS Tool+

To enhance your experience with GRAS Tool+, we invite you to start by reading our user-friendly guide. This guide is designed to help you navigate through the features and functionalities of the tool with ease, offering step-by-step instructions and useful tips. Click the button below to access the user guide and begin your journey with GRAS Tool+

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