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Thailand, Vietnam and Kenya now available in the GRAS Tool

12 Sept 2019 – Information on biodiversity, land use change, carbon stock and social indices are now available for a total of 46 countries. Access the GRAS Tool and explore its various functionalities and datasets.


GRAS Fire Alerts to monitor deforestation activities

6 Sept 2019 – This summer deforestation activities around the globe have reached a new level, especially in Brazil and again in Indonesia. Use the GRAS Fire Alerts to support the effective monitoring of deforestation activities in selected regions.

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INFORM Risk Index now available in the GRAS Tool

12 July 2019 – The GRAS Tool now contains subnational social risk indices from the INFORM Index for Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia and Kenya.

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Mapping and monitoring of smallholders to increase traceability

1 July 2019 – Our newly developed tools for smallholder mapping, monitoring and traceability actively support sustainable agricultural practices of smallholders on the ground.

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GRAS Webinar on sustainable and zero-deforestation supply chains took place on 2 May 2019

3 May 2019 – During the webinar, participants have been informed about the efficient opportunities to use GRAS for the implementation of sustainable and deforestation-free supply chains, supplier monitoring, certification support and land management.

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Coffee sector increasingly uses GRAS for risk assessments

23 April 2019 – The coffee certification scheme 4C applies GRAS as a supportive tool for risk level identification and audit preparation purposes.

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GRAS at the USDA-NIFA Next Generation Land Use Change Methodology Workshop, Chicago

9 April 2019 – GRAS participated at the first stakeholder workshop of the USDA-NIFA Next-Generation Land Use Change Project and presented methodologies how remote sensing technologies support certification of biofuels and sustainable food, feed and chemicals for European markets and sustainable global supply chains.

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Mexico and Guatemala now available in the GRAS Tool

3 March 2019 – Access the GRAS Tool and explore its various functionalities and datasets including information on Land Use Change, Biodiversity, Carbon Stock and Social Indices for 43 different countries.


GRAS Fire Alert in the Fire Season

The wildfire season of South America is currently at its peak of activity. Be informed about the latest detected fires in your area of interest and receive an alert via e-mail.

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GRAS at the Sustainable Landscapes Conference, London, 6-7 Nov 2018

Mohammad Abdel-Razek discussed with the panel on how businesses can support smallholder integration.

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New GRAS Index functionality available

You have now the option to adjust the weighting factors of the GRAS Index of your assessment in the GRAS Tool according to case-and region specific preferences!

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