Fire Alert

Immediate information on fires within your area of interest

With the GRAS Fire Alert, GRAS brings the land use change analysis to the next level. As a GRAS user, you no longer can only monitor historical land use changes but are continuously informed about current land clearings in your area of interest.

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The GRAS Fire Alert helps you to deliver on your commitments

Fires are often used for land clearings and cause GHG emissions. In many cases, illegal extensions of agricultural land are made by burning, which is why it is important to monitor fires in your area of interest. Therefore, the GRAS Fire Alert Tool has been developed.

The fire alert informs the GRAS users immediately after a fire occurred within the defined area of interest. To define your area, you can upload (KML format) or draw polygons of your plantations and register for the GRAS Fire Alert. In case a fire occurs in your defined area, you will immediately receive an email indicating the location and the time of the fire.

The fire data displayed in GRAS is based on the Fire Information for Resource Management System (FIRMS) provided by the NASA. FIRMS has been developed by the University of Maryland with funds from NASA’s Applied Sciences Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). FIRMS distributes near real-time fire products from Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) with 1 km spatial resolution. Data is available from the year 2008 until present and is updated on a daily basis.


A fire occurred within the defined area of interest