EUDR Compliance with the innovative EUDRx platform

  • Consignment-specific analysis of deforestation-free status
  • Automated risk assessment
  • Documentation for your Due Diligence Statement

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About EUDR

The European Union (EU) Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) aims to tackle deforestation and forest degradation by requiring operators and traders to follow a three-step process from December 30, 2024: 

With more than 10 years of extensive experience and science-based approaches in the latest remote sensing technologies and social and environmental risk databases, GRAS is your ideal partner to support you in tackling the complexity of EUDR.

What is EUDRx?

EUDRx is a consignment-specific analysis and documentation platform that supports businesses in complying with the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR). The platform is specifically designed for operators who are importing or exporting commodities and their derivates to the European Union. 

The platform is accessible for any commodity, especially EUDR-relevant commodities: 

We also offer a solution tailored to meet your specific needs for the commodity wood.

Why choose EUDRx 

  • Accessible for all EUDR commodities
  • Easy user interface for consignment-specific cases
  • Immediate transmission of results
  • Comprehensive report on the documentation of due diligence obligations 
  • Data stored for up to 5 years 

Streamline your journey through EUDR compliance with EUDRx

EUDRx provides automated, consignment-specific EUDR compliance analysis, risk assessment, and due diligence documentation for EU import/export operators.

Frequently asked questions

How can I create an account?

  1. To create an account, you first have to become a registered user of the platform.  
  2. Contact GRAS to become a verified company. You will receive an identifier-code for each user of the company. 
  3. Register on the platform here with your identifier and user details 
  4. Verify your email or account 
  5. Login to the EUDRx

How can we register as an organization/company?

  1. Each company will have its account. Each user within the company has personal access to that account. To register as an organization/company, you need to be verified by GRAS.
  2. Contact us to become verified.
  3. If successful, you will receive Identifier codes for each user of the company.

Do I need to know my geocoordinates of my supply chain?

The EU Deforestation Regulation requires every operator to collect information such as a description of the commodity or product, the country of production, and the geographical coordinates of where the commodity is grown (Article 9). This means that the operator has to know the coordinates and check them accordingly to ensure that they are deforestation-free.

How does the analysis of EUDRx work?

The operator uploads the geo-coordinates (< 4 ha) and polygons (> 4 ha) to the system. Thanks to the automated GRAS approach, you will receive a consignment-specific analysis of free deforestation and the results of the automated risk assessment (Article 10) within minutes 

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